Industry News

  • Maintenance and protection on how to prolong the service life of products


  • The diversified, personalized and differentiated development of kitchen and bathroom small household appliances will be further deepened, and the diversified demand orientation of consumers will determine the development trend of the kitchen and bathroom small household appliances market


  • Instant thermal water heaters can be divided into: multi gear instant electric water heaters, constant temperature instant electric water heaters, small kitchen treasures, hand washing treasures, instant solar energy partners, electric water faucets and other types


  • Instant electric faucets, also known as fast hot water electric faucets, are basically referred to as electric faucets in the industry. It gets its name because it can produce hot water within 3-5 seconds after being opened.


  • Common faults of electric water faucet Maintenance method of electric water faucet fault: first look at (indicator light) and second try (water is not hot) to master three fault characteristics.


  • Instant electric faucets are suitable for hotels, hotels, guest houses, beauty salons and family kitchens and bathrooms. They are beautiful and elegant in combination with the overall kitchen cabinet, highlighting fashion


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